Book Review: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

Anne of Avonlea by LMM#4 – Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

Genre: Historical Fiction, Children’s Classic

Page Numbers: 276 pages

Dates Read: 1/22/15 – 1/25/15

Plot in three lines or less: The story of Anne continues, and it’s filled with all kinds of adventures, both of the happy and exciting, and sad and hard kind. Anne makes new friends, but cherishes the old. She becomes a teacher, and learns a lot of life lessons along the way.

Recommended age for reading: Amazon suggests 8-12 years old, which fits, though I personally think anyone over the age of 8 could read it.

New read or re-read? Re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes and yes. Need I say more?

Why did I pick it up? To continue reading it, along with my best friend, of course. 🙂

Rating: 5/5

Other Notes: There are quite a few things about this book I remembered from this most current read.

— If I thought the first book’s cover was bad, I had forgotten this book’s cover. It was completely off. Again, I refuse to purchase a newer edition to this book because of sentimental reasons.

— This story doesn’t follow one continuous plot line. It tells different stories throughout her life, and weaves them all together to form the complete story. Almost like “A Day in the Life” of Anne. You ought to bear that in mind when reading this series.

— I felt the same way about this second book as I did the first. Rereading it this time felt like I was becoming reacquainted with a best friend. Excitement at each achievement of the Avonlea Village Improvement Society, anxiety over the antics of Davy, her confusion over her changing relationships with Diana and Gilbert – I FELT EVERYTHING.

My friend’s blog said it better, but I have to agree with it whole-heartedly – the way the book is set up makes it feel as though she is a treasured friend. We see glimpses into her life, almost as if we get to peak in through the window. It gives a real-life feel to a book, one that I’ve not been able to find in almost any other story I think I’ve ever read.

— I didn’t want this one to end either. How will I go back to my normal way of life when this series is finished?

Grand Total: 114

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