Book Review: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

I really shouldn’t let myself get so far behind in the book reviews, should I? It would be so much easier on myself if I just did them as I finish reading books, but I don’t seem to learn. After working on reviews for going on three years now, you would think I’d learn, right? 🙂

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson#1 – Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes

Page Numbers: 418 pages

Dates Read: 12/15/14 – 1/8/15

Plot in three lines or less: Imagine a world that was inhabited by people who were given what could only be termed superpowers. But then make them the bad guys. That is what this book is about. David, who watched his father be murdered by one such “superhero,” has devoted his entire life to seeking revenge on Steelheart. He seeks out a band of rebels called “The Reckoners” in the hopes that he can join, and ultimate get his revenge.

New read or re-read? New read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I will definitely read this again. From everything I can find, this series (The Reckoners series) is supposed to be a trilogy, so I will most likely reread this when the third book comes out.

Favorite Line: “The truth is not a downer. The lies that you pretend to accept are the true downer.”

Why did I pick it up? The second book in the series, Firefight was released on January 6, 2015, and I’ve made it an unspoken policy that I get all new Brandon Sanderson every single time it comes out, and read it as soon as humanly possible. Since Firefight is the second in the series, I obviously had to read the first one. I’d hoped to finish it in the middle of December, but I already gave a pretty good description of how my December-into-January went, so there you have it.

Rating: 5/5

Other Notes: When I went to a Sanderson signing last March, this was the one book I bought from the bookstore he was at. They usually encourage you to purchase books from the stores they hold signings at, and of course I love supporting local bookstores as much as humanly possible. So my copy is a nice and shiny signed one. 🙂 What I had forgot when I bought it though, was that I had also purchased it for my Kindle once when it was on sale for a ridiculously cheap price. In the end, that wasn’t a bad thing, however, as it meant I could still read after dark if I was in the car while someone else was driving (which tends to happen more often than not during the wintry months). Oh well. I am obviously not too heartbroken over it.

Grand Total: 111

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