Whatever You Might Think…

… the phrase “IT’S ALIVE!” was never actually part of its original text.

To what might I be referring?

The next modern adaption of a classic to today’s digital and media age that I want to mention. That being –

Frankenstein, M.D.

This is the most current series that Pemberley Digital is producing, and is currently on its 20th episode. It follows Victoria Frankenstein, (future) M.D., who gives online tutorials about the up-and-coming new things in the world of science.

This is the reason I picked up Frankenstein back in August. (Review here.) I’d been hoping to read the book well before the web series came out. What I didn’t realize when I started reading the book, however, was that the series would literally be starting in about a week’s time. It meant I read the book at a clip (not that it wasn’t hard to do that, since the book is not actually that long). It’s also meant that I’ve been a bit slower at watching the episodes as they come out. I’ve only managed to get through Episode 10 thus far, so NO SPOILERS, THANK YOU INTERNET.

New episodes air on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now is an excellent time to jump in if you haven’t found it or checked it out yet. It runs through Friday, October 31st, which is VERY appropriate for the given holiday.

Here is its first video. I think I managed to link it to the entire playlist, so you should be able to start here, and just keep going. 🙂



And really – if you do read the book, you’ll find that the phrase “It’s alive!” was never actually uttered by Victor Frankenstein. That became something popularized when they first made Frankenstein movies.


#write31days starts here.

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