It is a truth universally acknowledged

Yesterday’s post about Selfie ultimately being an adaptation of Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw got me to thinking that I ought to post a little bit about some other modern day book adaptations that are out there now.

Over the last couple of years, modern adaptations of older classics have been popping up here and there around the Internet. I never imagined I would fall in love with them, but confession: I have. I plan to highlight several, but in different posts, so you’re not overwhelmed with All The Videos All At Once.

Today I’m going to highlight two adaptations of books by one of my favorite authors of all time – Jane Austen.

Internet, meet Pemberley Digital.

A couple of years, they took it upon themselves to do a modern adaption of Jane Austen’s well-loved classic, Pride and Prejudice entitled “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” I didn’t find it right away – my best friend introduced it to me one weekend when we were hanging out, and I ended up binging on some 60-odd videos over the course of two days. The team at Pemberley Digital did an EXCELLENT job of taking an older story and updating it to fit this day and age.

One of my favorite aspects of the show was the characters’ interaction with their fans. All of the main characters had Twitter pages, Instagram pages, and Facebook pages, and often took the time to field questions from their audience. Everything happened in real time, so it felt like you were living the story along with them. For instance, in the book Jane goes off to visit London. In the modern retelling, Jane takes a job opportunity in San Francisco and moves out of her childhood home. Things like that. Once the series was finished, there was a successful Kickstarter campaign that gave funding to put the series onto DVD and fund future projects. Bernie Su and company even went ahead and eventually wrote a book based on the videos, that gives you more information on behind the scenes stuff (a review of which is forthcoming, since I read it recently, and plan to get caught up on my reviews here this month).

I cannot recommend the series enough.

Here is the first video. If you follow the link to the actual YouTube page, you’ll be able to find all the rest of the videos. They’re also linked on Pemberley Digital’s page as well.

They followed this series up with Sanditon, another Jane Austen (unfinished) book. Due to a variety of real-life situations, I was unable to follow and keep up with, though I do plan to go back at some point to binge watch it one day.

I was able to keep up with the series they put out after that, which was called Emma Approved (and yes, based on Jane Austen’s Emma). Again, the characters could interact with the fans, and played it out in real time, and I found this series to be just as well-done as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Here is its first video. Follow links for the rest of the videos in the series.


They are currently doing a third major book, but that subject will be on a different day.

Enjoy! 🙂


#write31days starts here.

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