It May Seem Like It’s Out of Context

But really, it isn’t, I swear. 🙂

One of my new favorite TV shows this fall is ABC’s Selfie. It stars Karen Gillion and John Cho, both of whom happen to be favorite actors from various other places and things (Karen – Doctor Who, John – Star Trek). I’m kind of a big geek when it comes to this sort of thing, and love to check out other works they do. It’s about a girl – Eliza – who is a social media queen, but has absolutely ZERO people skills. She hires Henry to help her learn how to better become someone who people might actually want to befriend. One of the things I’ve come to love about the show is that Eliza actually has her own Twitter and Instagram accounts, and is constantly posting on them. Which means that the average person out there can interact with her. (I’m thinking I might have to blog a bit more about the epicness that is characters from stories interacting with their fans at some future point.)

I didn’t realize until just before watching the first episode that it’s supposed to be a modern adaptation of My Fair Lady.

TO WHICH – My Fair Lady is an adaption of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. (SEE? I told you all I’d bring it back to books! 🙂 ) I read that several years ago, and remember enjoying it immensely. This new show convinced me enough to get the book on my Kindle, which I plan to put on my to-read list for the near future.

What brought this unconventional #write31days blog entry on, you might ask? I literally just had a moment that could have been straight out of one of the episodes of the show. And I do mean literally – this only happened about half an hour ago. One of my coworkers recently joined the world of Facebook, and has been trying to explore and learn how it works. She got me to explain to her a bit about how sharing works, and why certain things show up on her timeline. During the second episode of the show, Henry decided to join the ranks of Facebook, and found it to be as distracting as he feared it would, but didn’t have enough presence of mind to keep himself from tagging himself as a breast-feeding baby and a hospital bed pan (long story – go watch the episodes to figure out what I’m talking about) 🙂

And – one more aside. As soon as I got back to my desk, I tweeted Eliza about it, told her I was channeling Henry, trying to explain social media. She’s now following me on Twitter and retweeted my tweet. In my social circles, that’s about the equivalent of me getting to interact with The Person of the Year. Kind of makes me VERY happy.

Seriously – check out Pygmalion if you ever get the chance. It’s definitely worth the read. 🙂


#write31days starts here.

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