Seasonal Reading

book-whirlAnyone else out there ever feel like reading certain books just because the seasons change? I get that way ALL THE TIME.

Seasonal Reading.

It’s like a circle spiraling downwards that never ends.

For me, there are some books that I always, without fail, want to read during certain times of the year. I could have read them last week, and I’d probably want to start reading them again.

I will highlight three.

During the Summer
In the summer, I want to read the Harry Potter series. It’s because I associate the releases of the books with summer dates, not to mention the fact that Harry’s birthday is July 31. If I let myself, I would read these books EVERY summer. As it is, I’ve gotten myself restrained to reading them every other year (which means, next summer I get to read them again, and I’m ALL KINDS of happy about that fact). When I used to read them every year, I’d wait until the 31st of July, and celebrate his birthday by plowing through the first book that day (yes, that’s how fast I can read). If waiting until the very end of the book just wasn’t going to cut it, my other option is usually to start them on the 1st of July, and see if I can manage to read all 7 of them by his birthday. I don’t think I’ve yet been successful in attempting that, which in my mind just means I need to keep trying. 🙂

During the Autumn
Rereading Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is my main fall read. Why? Because Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday is September 22nd, of course! 🙂 (I have a thing for reading books on characters’ birthdays, apparently.) Frodo also left for his adventures that day, and for me, there’s just something about watching the beautiful leaves fall off the trees that makes me want to leave for my own set of adventures.

During the Winter
“It’s she that makes it always winter. Always winter, but never Christmas; think of that!” Any guesses what series that is from? If you said The Chronicles of Narnia, you win the internet’s cookies for the day. 🙂 I read that once when I was younger close to the Christmas season, and it stuck – I always love to read these books in December. It doesn’t matter that every other book besides The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is set at other times during the year, this will forever be a series I read sometime during the cold winter months.

During the Spring
And here is the ONE season that I don’t have anything that I want to reread year after year after year. It’s probably good that I don’t have anything – or I don’t think I would EVER read anything new!

Do you ever try and reread certain books during certain times of the year?


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