Book Review: Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Legion by Brandon Sanderson#40 – Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Audio Book Length: 2 hours 8 minutes

“Page” Numbers: 96 pages

Dates Read: 7/14/14 – 7/15/14

Plot in three lines or less: Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It’s his hallucinations who are mad. Stephen can learn any skills, do anything – but to do this, his mind has to create people – called aspects – who take up residence in his mind. Wherever he goes, they go with him, and he uses them to solve problems (usually at a price). In this incarnation, Stephen (also known as Legion) receives a mysterious picture that draws him to Jerusalem to track and find a missing inventor.

New read or re-read? New read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others?  Yes I would read it again and would completely read it again.

Why did I pick it up? It was a Brandon Sanderson I hadn’t read yet, and a novella too, meaning it’d be nice and quick. I also was able to download the Audible app on my devices, and start utilizing it, which opened up an entirely new set of books for me to consider “reading” this year.

Rating: 5/5

Other Notes? I’m actually going to have to find a physical hard copy of this book at some point, as I listened to it as an audio book while I was doing some cleaning and driving. And since Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, it only logically follows that I’m going to need to have ALL of his books on my shelf at some point, right? And Sanderson is working towards releasing the next one in this series, out sometime this fall. I’d like to be able to get both of these books (in hard copy) when that time does finally come.

Grand Total: 97

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