On this day in literary history

dwell on dreamsToday would be Harry’s birthday. There used to be years where I would break out the books on his birthday, and start reading the series up to whatever point it was at during that year. Even once after all 7 were completed, I still did that. If it wasn’t the 31st that I would start to read them, it was July 1st, with the hope that I could read the series to completion by his birthday. I have so many good memories associated with these books. I started reading it while we were waiting for book 5 to come out, and I think books 5-7 all came out sometime during the summer (I actually think books 6 & 7 came out sometime during the month of July). During those years, I’d take several before the newest book would come out to try and read all the previous ones, so everything would be fresh in my head.

If I hadn’t read these books last summer, I would be reading them now. Since I’m not reading them this summer, there’s a VERY good chance I’ll be reading them next summer, since I’ve reverted to rereading them now every other year instead of yearly. There are just TOO MANY books out there. And more are always being added.

Truly, this series helped me find a love for a genre of books that I had previously not known actually existed. For that, I am grateful. For that, and for so many other things, Harry, thank you.

What would the world have been like without Harry?

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