Book Review: As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers

as sure as the dawn#38 – As Sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion Series Book 3) by Francine River

Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance

Page Numbers: 473 pages

Dates Read: 6/30/14 – 7/15/14

Plot in three lines or less: This is the third in the Mark of the Lion series, and this particular book follows Atretes, former Gladiator of Rome. He has acquired his freedom through much hardship and sorrow, and is anxious to return home. But can he? And if he even makes it, will his people accept him and the faith he brings along with him?

New read or re-read? New read!

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? I honestly don’t know if I’d read this one again. I would recommend at least reading it once, to complete the trilogy though, so I am glad I did read it. If this means I can’t objectively recommend it to others, oh well.

Why did I pick it up? I’d been given the entire trilogy to me as a gift for my birthday last year by my sister-in-law and brother. I had ended up telling her the day we met that I’d been interested in reading the series. She recommended it to me (it’d also been recommended to me by several others), and I wanted to finally be able to tell her (and the others) that I’d finally read it.

Is there anything in it that you did not like? I enjoyed the first one of the series a lot. The second one I devoured in four days. This one I didn’t enjoy as much. I think it’s because I jumped right into reading this one as soon as I was finished with the first two. I know the type of literature I tend to read, and this sort of fiction isn’t it. That’s not to say it’s bad; I just know what I prefer. I typically read ONE of these books per year, IF I’M LUCKY, and here I’ve gone and read three in a row. It didn’t surprise me I was anxious to be done. Besides feeling like some of the action that happened didn’t feel believable (which might not have been the case if I’d waited a few weeks/months to read it), it didn’t follow the same story line from the first two books. Or rather, it took one of the characters from the first two books, and expounded on it and wrapped it up (whereas it’d wrapped everyone else’s up with the second). It made it feel choppy to me. The other big thing I didn’t like? The main character’s stubbornness, but that is a testament to the writing of Ms. Rivers. I was as frustrated as Rizpah was, and wanted nothing more than to smack Atretes’ head up the side of the wall, because HE JUST WOULDN’T LISTEN TO ANYONE. EVER.

Rating: 3/5

Other Notes? I was very happily surprised at learning as much as I did about the history of that time period because of these books. That is certainly one thing I did enjoy very much. The time of the Roman Gladiators and Empires has always been one that’s fascinated me, so I was glad to be able to learn more.

Grand Total: 95

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