Up To

I know I’ve been absent for a bit, but I’ve had good reason.

-Working on getting my house together. This has included adventures in painting, cleaning carpets, tile, electricians, a new stove, packing, cleaning, and all sorts of other aspects of home ownership.
-Car dilemmas. Exhaust, emissions, car inspections, a new brake line, radiator, and then most recently – head caskets. I honestly never expected or wanted to deal with this, but it couldn’t have been foreseen. Currently trying to decide what my next steps should be.
-Getting ready to amp up the new job search. I need more income in order to be able to cover expenses if I’m going to add car payment to the list!
-Coming up with creative alternatives in the mean time to try and earn some now – babysitting, pet sitting and house sitting are just a few. Currently in the middle of watching my brother’s two dogs.
-Still reading, though my pace has slowed, not to mention I’ve been reading longer books, specifically the newest Brandon Sanderson book.

And I think that about covers it!

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