Book Review: Nice Girls Don’t Change the World by Lynne Hybels

nice girls don't change the world lynne hybels#19 – Nice Girls Don’t Change the World by Lynne Hybels

Genre: Christian/Devotional

Page Numbers: 95 pages

Dates Read: 3/4/14

Plot in three lines or less: “Nice girls are taught early that serving God means earning God’s love and sacrificing oneself to meet the needs of others. Unfortunately, after living a life she thought was what God demanded, her husband wanted, her kids needed, and her church expected, Lynne Hybels felt utterly lost – both to herself and to God. In this wise and tender book, Hybels tells of her struggle to stop living someone else’s life and to reclaim the unique gifts, strengths, and passions God gave her. And she reveals how turning away from her false view of God as a harsh and demanding taskmaster enabled her to rest at last in God’s sustaining love. As she explains it, it’s never too late to discover that who you really are is exactly what delights God and what the world needs.”

New read or re-read? Re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I would, and I would certainly recommend it to others. In fact, if there was a way for me to read this every single day for the rest of my life, I probably would. Because its message is that powerful to me, and has always been exactly what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it.

Why did I pick it up? To be honest, I’d been hoping to take this one with me when I had jury duty back in January. I couldn’t find it on my bookshelves (because they are in various states of dishevelment at the moment). I figured it was around and I’d find it later. Well, when I was sorting through potential short books to read after finishing up Way of Kings, I finally found it, and so I pulled it off and put it in my current reading pile.

Favorite Line: “I was a very sensitive little girl. Based on what I’d heard about God, I concluded that the only way to earn the favor of this hard-hearted demanding deity was to work very hard, be very good, and walk a very straight and narrow path. So I did. At age ten I traded my ballet slippers for a flute because I’d been taught that dancing was a sin – but making music was an acceptable form of worship. From that time on, I tried very hard to make what I thought were God-honoring decisions about life. If there were rules to follow, I followed them. If there were pleasures to give up, I gave them up. If there was work to do, I did it. I was determined to earn God’s love.

I chose that line as my favorite because, despite how sad it is, could literally be word-for-word something I would say about how I was when I was very young and what my own personal relationship with God looked like. It has thankfully changed much since then, but nearly every single thing that Lynne wrote could accurately apply to me.

Rating: 5/5

Other Notes? Seriously – I do wish there was some way I could keep these words on the forefront of my mind.

One of the concepts that struck me was Lynne’s explanation of what we as children of God are called to be. Not the nice little girls everyone takes us for, but instead a good one, and what’s more, a good and dangerous woman, one who lives life to the fullest and does not let anyone try and tell her she has to be anything other than who God created her to be.

Grand Total: 76

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