Book Review: Life As We Would Want It by Ken Gire

life as we would want it by ken gire

#12 – Life As We Would Want It … Life As We Are Given It by Ken Gire

Genre: Christian/Devotional

Page Numbers: 151 pages

Dates Read: 1/17/14-1/18/14

Plot in three lines or less: As we journey through life, upheavals have a tendency to blindside us. A child dies. A marriage falls apart. Addiction takes control. In the wilderness of pain, loss, or illness, it is easy to get lost. Despair descends like darkness when the safe tableland of our past disappears into the jagged, unpredictable vertigo of sheer tragedy. And, hemmed in on every side, we lose the perspective of a larger horizon. But in the same way that the passage of time tames mountains and smoothes the edges of serrated peaks, God molds our upheavals into equally awe-inspiring scenery – far grander than the predictable plains we once walked.

New read or re-read? Re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? To be honest, no I wouldn’t read it again, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others. It was alright for what it was, but I didn’t seem to get as much from it this time around as I did when I first picked it up a number of years ago. And there are too many books on my shelves now to keep a book I probably wouldn’t read ever again.

Why did I pick it up? It was another short read I brought with me for jury duty. I didn’t get to it (obviously), but because I wanted to plow through as many shorter books as possible, I decided to read it. I also wanted to see if it really and truly was worth keeping on my shelf. Since I won’t be reading it again, it’s going to go into my “Sell to local used book shop” pile.

Rating: 3/5

Other Notes? This was originally a book I got for free from my church’s library. My church built a new sanctuary about five years ago, and the library area was part of the building that was getting renovated. A few weeks before construction was supposed to begin, the woman who is the librarian told me I could take to keep whatever books I wanted from a few sections in the library, as there wasn’t going to be storage room to keep everything. I think I came home with two brown-grocery bags full of books. This was one of them.

Grand Total: 69

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