Book Review: Making Ripples by Mike Breaux

making ripples mike breaux#10 – Making Ripples by Mike Breaux

Genre: Christian/Devotional

Page Numbers: 111 pages

Dates Read: 1/16/14

Plot in three lines or less: Do you have any idea just how big your life really is? Perhaps you think of yourself as just a small splash in life’s huge pool, but the ripples of your imapct travel farther than you imagine. Get hold of that fact and you’ll start moving from nice, neat dives to cannonball entries.

New read or re-read? Re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I would read it again, and I would recommend it to others, especially if you enjoy these sorts of books.

Why did I pick it up? One of a long list of short and quick reads I brought with me for jury duty. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much farther in my reading because our day came to an end (without me being called!) and I had to get back to the real world. Still – three books over the span of one morning is not a bad haul.

Rating: 4/5

Other Notes? This was the one I started before I was called up to go to an actual trial. I had to put it away for awhile while things were being sorted out with the judge (I was able to be released from serving on that particular case). When I got back to the jury room, I picked it back up, and was all of ten pages away from being finished when we were told we were done for the day. So as soon as I got to work, I promptly sat in the parking lot for the two minutes it took me to actually finish it.

And because I spent my time reading these, and also because I had actually taken the time last night to comb my bookshelves for short books to bring (I came up with a total of 7), now I’m feeling more in the mood to continue reading short books. We’ll see how long this kick will last. 🙂

Grand Total: 67

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