Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis

#50-56 “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C. S. Lewis
(The Magician’s Nephew; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’; The Silver Chair; The Last Battle)

CoN by CSL

Genre  Children’s Fantasy/Classic

Page Numbers
Book 1: 186 pages
Book 2: 186 pages
Book 3: 217 pages
Book 4: 216 pages
Book 5: 216 pages
Book 6: 217 pages
Book 7: 184 pages

Dates Read
Book 1: 12/2/13-12/6/13
Book 2: 12/7/13-12/9/13
Book 3: 12/10/13-12/13/13
Book 4: 12/13/13-12/15/13
Book 5: 12/15/13-12/23/13
Book 6: 12/24/13-12/27/13
Book 7: 12/29/13

Plot in 3 lines or less  It is impossible to try and summarize this series in three sentences or less, why are you even bothering to ask me? This is another series that you could probably find reviews just about anywhere by searching for them.

Book 1: How Aslan creates Narnia, and gave the gift of speech to the animals, and yet a great evil enters.
Book 2: How Aslan freed Narnia from the power of the White Witch by sending four children to break her spell.
Book 3: How a talking horse and a boy-prince saved Narnia from invasion.
Book 4: How the good Prince Caspian and his army of Talking Beasts conquered the Telmarines.
Book 5: How King Caspian sailed through magic waters to the End of the World to rescue the seven Lords of Narnia.
Book 6: How the captive Prince Rilian escaped from the Emerald Witch’s underground kingdom.
Book 7: How an evil came to Narnia for the last time and Aslan led his people into a glorious new paradise.

At least I was able to summarize in one sentence per book, right? 🙂

New Read or Re-read?  These were a re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others?  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Favorite book in the series: They are all my favorite. It is almost always impossible to choose an exact favorite, though that one tends to stay “Voyage.” I was getting ready to type up which other ones struck me as my favorite this read-through, and I realized about halfway through that I was just retyping all of their names again, so I’ll just say all of them.

Was it easy to read? Yes, it was, both when I first read it, and now having read it too many times to count. I grew up reading these.

Favorite Character: Aslan, Peter, Edmund, Lucy and so many others.

Favorite Line: Why must you ask me such hard questions?! There are too many favorite lines to choose from! Like Lord of the Rings, I just might have to do a separate post sometime with nothing but quotes from these books.

Is there anything in it that you did not like? Of course there’s nothing wrong with this series! Who set these questions up?! Wait, don’t answer that. If I were forced to choose, it would be that I hate for it to end every single time I finish reading it, and realize I have to wait for an undetermined length of time before I read it again.

Anything else you’d like to add? I was one of the lucky ones – I grew up reading and loving this series so much! I even had a wardrobe for my clothes, and I would regularly check it to see if the back had opened up and would let me into Narnia. (It never did.) I always read the books starting with “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and it is unfortunate that this meant I usually never read past “The Silver Chair.” For some reason the last three never stuck with me. That is until college, when I realized that you could read them in chronological order, and then it all changed. I instantly fell in love with “The Magician’s Nephew,” “The Horse and His Boy,” and “The Last Battle.” That was how I’ve read them ever since, and I love them more each time. I did it again that way this time and realized that maybe the next time I read them, I should go back to reading them as I did in my childhood, with “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” first. There is something magical about reading them in this order that I have forgotten. I need to remember that.

I also love to read this series at Christmas time because of the “Always Winter, never Christmas” line. It is a magical time of year, and you could not ask for a more magical time of year to read these.

And for the record, my mother still has that wardrobe, and it still hasn’t let me in.

One thought on “Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis

  1. At least you had a wardrobe to try–all I had was a boring, completely non-magical closet, and that will never get a girl to Narnia.

    I’ve always preferred the published order myself, because I always feel like LWW is a more magical introduction to the world, and a lot more things that in Magician’s Nephew make sense when you have that background. But I’ll have to give the chronological order another go sometime.

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