Book Review: The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien

#43-45 “The Lord of the Rings” series by J. R. R. Tolkien

LotR by JRRT

Genre Classic/Fantasy

Page Numbers
Book 1: 458 pages
Book 2: 398 pages
Book 3: 340 pages

Dates Read
Book 1: 9/22/13-10/4/13
Book 2: 10/5/13-10/14/13
Book 3: 10/15/13-10/24/13

Plot in 3 lines or less If you haven’t heard of this series by now, I must conclude that you are living in a hole, and have no concept of life as humankind knows it. It is impossible to try and summarize this series in three sentences or less, I don’t know why you are even bothering to ask me. 😉 There are so many reviews of this out there, that you can find out the plot line just by typing “LOTR” into Google.

FotR: Frodo Baggins receives the Ring of Power, but the evil Sauron has sent out his Ringwraiths to seek and destroy him. It’s up to Frodo, along with his faithful servant (and gardener!) Sam and a small band of companions, to take the Ring to the one place that it can be destroyed completely – Mount Doom, which just happens to be at the very heart of Sauron’s domain.
TTT: The Fellowship is all but scattered. Some are getting ready to face open war with Sauron, while still others have to contend with the treachery of Saurman. It’s up to Frodo and Sam to continue the dreadful journey to Mount Doom, helped only by Gollum, who is just as deceitful and treacherous. Will they make it?
RotK: The Dark Lord Sauron has set out to conquer Middle Earth once and for all, and yet, the small hobbits from the Shire struggle deep into Mordor, attempting to overthrow him. The way is impossibly hard, and Frodo is growing weaker by the moment. The Ring weighs him down, and he finally begins to despair of ever being free again.

New Read or Re-read? Re-read.

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, yes, a thousand times over yes.

Favorite book in the series: They are all my favorite. It’s impossible to choose. And it’s more like I have favorite sections – I love all the scenes in the Shire, as well as when the company comes to Rohan.

Was it easy to read? It gets easier to read each time I read it. I’ve read through the series many times, and at one point attempted to try and read it every year, but it got to be too much. There’s too much out there to read to take 4-6 weeks to reread this, as much as my hearts wants to.

Can you relate to anything within the story? My heart goes out to Frodo, more times than I care to relate. He bears a burden that weighs him down, and even though he is finally able to release it, “some wounds never truly heal.” And I love Sam, I adore Sam. He is faithful to the very end. I have often wished for a friend as faithful as Sam.

Favorite Character: Too many to name. Frodo and Sam, for sure, as well as every single member of the Fellowship. Eomer and Eowyn too, and Faramir are favorites as well.

Favorite Line: Why must you ask me such hard questions?! There are too many favorite lines to choose from! I do not have the quotes listed here in front of me, but if I did, you would find that they probably fill an entire book. I might just have to post a different entry at some point that is nothing but those favorite quotes.

Is there anything about it that you did not like? Of course there’s nothing wrong with this series! Who set these questions up?! Wait, don’t answer that. If I were forced to choose, it would be that I hate for it to end every single time I finish reading it, and realize I have to wait for a very long time until I read it again. Also – I don’t like spiders.

Anything else you’d like to add? I found this series after Fellowship came out in the theaters. I think I went to see the movie at least ten times. I tried to read it after that, before Two Towers came out, but it didn’t stuck. So I tried again after Two Towers had been out. That time, it worked. And I was hooked forever afterwards.

There is so much good with this that it would behoove me to attempt writing anything about it, so I’m just going to leave it at this.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien

    • Yes, I have, several years ago long before I started doing reviews. But only once. I hope to do it again at some point, as a goal of mine is to review all the books on my shelves.

      I found the book so overwhelming (in a good way) that I needed several charts and graphs to keep names and families straight.

      • If you do read it again, and you have some commuting time to kill, I’d highly recommend listening to the “Silmarilliion Seminar” podcasts from the Tolkien Professor site. It’s great for keeping the larger storyline straight in the midst of all of those details of so. Many. Characters. (Also, it’s often quite hilarious, if you enjoy geek humor, which I know you do.)

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