It’s Alive!

*blows dust off the blog*

Sorry folks! I was distracted during the month of November because I was too busy winning this little thing…


It was a bit of a last minute thing; I didn’t sign up officially until Halloween. Consequently, I had NO outlines, zero planning and my writing was all over the place!

Truth be told, the story is not actually finished. I simply ran out of month in which to write. I plan to press on to try and get the writing finished, and then afterwards actually try and piece it together into the story I am trying to tell.

Where it goes from there is still anybody’s guess.

I am going to attempt to get caught up on my book reviews. I did very little reading during November, for obvious reasons. Hopefully, December will prove kinder than it is shaping up to be, and I can get back to reviewing those books, especially as I’ve read some good ones, and I know I have some excellent ones in my queue!

Here’s how my writing ended up being broken down…

Nano 2013 Stats

Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

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