What’s On Your Bookshelf?

not all who wander are lost

I’ve decided to attempt to put together a Pinterest Board with all the books I own on it, in an effort to help me know what I actually own. This will, I believe, help me to be able to see what I’ve got, so the next time I think to myself, “Oh, I’ve got nothing to read!” I can just look at it, and then pick something off the shelf I haven’t read. As one of the items on my bucket list is to read all the books I own, this also seemed a good way to get a better idea on how much work I will have to do in order to accomplish this.

I didn’t realize just how big of an undertaking it would actually turn out to be. I’ve got 11 different bookshelves to sort through, and I’ve only categorized five so far. I kind of feel a little lost in all the piles of books. 🙂 This is not a bad thing.

I am thinking of doing a feature on here of books on my bookshelf I haven’t read yet, but obviously intend to.

What do you have on your bookshelves?

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