Book Review: Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

#35 – “Pathfinder” by Orson Scott Card

Pathfinder by OSC

Genre: Teen, Sci-fi, Fantasy

Page Numbers: 662 pages

Dates Read: 8/19/13-9/8/13

Plot in 3 lines or less: Rigg’s father dies unexpectedly, and this sets him on a journey he never expected to take. You see, Rigg is special – he can see the paths of people’s pasts. This ability doesn’t let him just see the past, though. He can change the future, and before he knows what is happening, he is pulled into political intrigue, and has to run for his life. Nothing is what it seems any more.

New Read or Re-read? This was a new read for me. Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors (I have a good many favorites.)

Would you read it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I would read it again, and yes I would recommend it to others. But pay attention to what I say in answering the next question.

Was it easy to read? It was easy in that to me the story flowed well, there was little desire to take it slow. If I could have read it any faster, believe me I would have. I wanted to lap it up as quickly as possible, because hello, favorite author here. However, it was not easy to understand, especially because of the concept of (SPOILER ALERT) time-travel (you might say it was going all wibbly-wobbly there for a bit) intersecting with all of the paths. Not to mention the breaks between the back-story portions (which are the front ends of each chapters) and the main story line. If you are attempting this, and I highly recommend that you do, I would also recommend stopping and rereading portions if things get complicated. Because they will and you will need to.

Favorite Character(s): Rigg and Umbo were definitely my favorites. The interaction between them was so sarcastic and funny. They banter back and forth with each other, and with all of the other characters too, and for me their interactions are the stress-reliever. Like when they were at Leak and Loaf’s tavern in the back room eating their stew (which, mind you isn’t soup).

Favorite Line: “Money is a thing separate from a man. We aren’t born with it, we won’t have it when we die, it’s all temporary.”

“It was only what you could do, and choose to do, that made you important or genuinely noble.”

Is there anything else you would like to add? I’ve had this book on my bookshelf for a long time now. It had been a book I picked up at Borders a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when Borders still existed. (*sniff*) As one of my goals is to read every single book on my bookshelf (which is a seemingly impossible and gargantuan task that is not helped by how often I find myself acquiring new books), I try to intersperse reading borrowed books with my own. I was getting ready to start on a borrowed-book reading binge, and thought it a good idea to throw another one of my own in for good measure.

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