Number 1 – My Life as a House Soundtrack

If I were ever to be stranded in a remote island somewhere, and could only take three CDs with me, one of them would be the music of the soundtrack of “Life as a House*”by Mark Isham (for those following along at home, you may be familiar with his music on a small TV show called “Once Upon a Time”which everyone ought to check out).

This album has seen me through good days and bad. It helped me mourn the death of my grandfather and several grandparental figures. It helped me when I went through serious internal strife and a falling out with two friends who were very dear to me.

It was there when my nephews and nieces were all born healthy and safe and times were good. It was also there when my best friend went into the hospital because she miscarried and I couldn’t quite understand why sometimes bad things happen to good people.

It’s seen me through not one culling at work, but two. It is there when the printers aren’t working, traffic makes me late, and people are making unrealistic demands and saying things that cut to the core. When surrounded by so much loss and hard change, it was and is something that’s always been there.

Through all of these things, I pull it out again and again because of the music. It is some of the most beautiful in the entire universe, if I might be so bold as to put forth that claim. It calms me down when I am frantic, helps soothe me when I am feeling anxious and reminds me that even through the tragedies of life, beauty can still be found.

I was listening to it again this morning when I was struggling with trying to get back to sleep. I realized that again, it was here for me, while I deal with the aftermath of an accident that I walked away from. And I was overwhelmed when I started remembering all the many times I have listened to it in the last seven years of my life.

As I was listening to it, I realized that there was probably no way in this life that I would be able to thank Mark Isham in person for composing it. So I did the next best thing – I tweeted him my thanks.

It wasn’t really something I could do in 140 characters or less, so it ended up being two tweets. I let it be at that, glad to have at least said thank you in that fashion.

About an hour ago, he not only retweeted one my tweets, he also replied. Call it silly, but for me, it was incredible. To have thanked someone who has, by the work he does, helped me through so much, was overwhelming enough. To have had a response was priceless.

Thank you, Mark. I don’t think you’ll ever know what your music means to me.

*Maybe someday I’ll tell the story of why I like the movie, because that is a story all its own.

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