This journal had been intended for one thing, but recent life events have helped me decide to forgo my original plans in favor of something else. As fun as spending a fictitious summer in Sanditon would have been, there has been too much in the last week, not to mention an up and coming summer filled with helping friends and family get married, and my attention will be elsewhere.

I am still not sure what exactly this blog will be about. It could be my writing experiments, it could be about my crochet projects or what art I might attempt, or it could be book reviews because when I have the time I read like all the books in the world are going out of style.

I figure I will at least start with what happened last week. In the meantime, you get a filler entry, and no apology for taking my old entries down. They no longer apply.

One thought on “Reboot

  1. I’m glad you don’t feel apologetic, because you shouldn’t. Your real life has been much stranger and more miraculous than fiction as of late, anyway.

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